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HM700 Portable Player- Light, Stylish and High Performance

Standard Package: HM700+Compact Earphone

Compact Earphone

Impedance: 150Ohms
Sensitivity: 109dB
Frequency response: 20 ~24 KHz

Cable length: 1.2m

Plug: 3.5mm

Upgraded Package: HM700+RE600


Impedance: 32Ohms+/- 3.2
Sensitivity: 102dB
Frequency response: 15 ~22 KHz

Cable length: 1.2m

Plug: 3.5mm

Upgraded Package: HM700+RE400B Waterline

Impedance: 32Ohms+/- 3.2
Sensitivity: 102dB/1mW
Frequency response: 15 ~22 KHZ

Cable length: 1.33m

Plug: 3.5mm

Compact and Chic

Big on performance, HM700 is HIFIMAN’s lightest and smallest portable player to date. It features a stylish integrated design with the screen and control keys disguised for a clean appearance

Music Formats

Compatible with MP3, APE, FLAC (16Bit), WAV (24Bit, 44.1/48KHz). It offers 16GB of storage that will store 560 lossless music files on the go.

Balanced Output

HM700 features a balanced output delivering a wide, lifelike soundstage, something audiophiles will readily appreciate. Compared with unbalanced output, the driven power of balanced output is four times higher under the same configuration.

4-Pin Balanced Jack

The package includes a backup switcher for you to enjoy music on HM700 using your earphones with a 3-pin jack.

The slim-looking HM700 is powerful with maximum output voltage up to 50mW.

Exceptional Battery Life

The built-in lithium battery guarantees long playback time up to 15 hours.

USB Port

With standard USB port, you can easily get it recharged via PC USB ports.

Specification Download Center

Frequency Response : 20Hz-20KHz
S/N : 91 dB
Max Output : 50mW(1.35V @36 Ohm)
On-board Ash Memory : 16G/32GB
Battery Life : 15 hours
Weight : 82g (2.9 Oz)
Supported Music Formats : WAV, MP3, APE, FLAC(16Bit) WAV(24Bit,44.1/48KHz)
Dimensions : 49mm x105mm x12mm (1.9X4.1X0.5 Inch) W xD xH



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