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Attention: HIFIMAN Customers!

Attention: HIFIMAN Customers!

Protect Your Purchase By Buying From An Authorized Dealer

HIFIMAN has built a global reputation by offering high performance products and outstanding customer service. Unfortunately, there are unauthorized sources offering HIFIMAN products for sale.

Here is what you need to know:

Authenticity: HIFIMAN cannot verify the origin, condition or even authenticity of these products.

Service: any issues with that purchase would be between the buyer and that seller and would not have the support of HIFIMAN.

What you can do: protect your purchase by only buying from an authorized HIFIMAN dealer or from HIFIMAN directly. For a list of authorized dealers please visit, email or call (201) 443-4626. Find HIFIMAN official online stores here.

For your reference, here is the list of Unauthorized Dealers (not all inclusive):

On Amazon:

On UK (Seller "HIFIMAN" is the only HIFIMAN official store on

On LLC, Services LLC, Amazon Warehouse (Please note that HIFIMAN has never supplied Amazon US with our products directly, both brand new and used items. The only HIFIMAN official store on Amazon US is a 3rd party store. If the item was purchased from our official store on Amazon, the seller‘s name on your order receipt should be "HIFIMAN", not LLC, Serives LLC or Amazon Warehouse.

If you would like to purchase our products through Amazon, please buy from store "HIFIMAN"on Amazon or other 3rd party Amazon stores of our authorized dealers.), Telecom Technology Equipment, GoodStuff!!!, Real Deal sales, E-Infinity PTY Ltd, In-ear-com, Entegron, Teds Electronics, C & J PRODUCTS, BuyWise Corp., Gr8Deals4You2, Draper‘s, Babyface Shop, Quanta LLC, ColorsOfJapan, Of Providence, Titan101, Celltime Inc., Japan Toys factory, Wonderful JAPAN Shop, Galaxy Goodies, V1-Store, Happy Titan, Mina International, Tsukamoto Trading Company, SAMURAI MH store, First Premier, Green‘s Camera World, 6ave, Electronics Basket, coomean, DC Photog, avSoundz, Chocolate friedchicken, UTM Inc, KYOTOSAMURAI DEALS#1, PIXIBYTES, Good Luck Bargains, Apostrophe Japan, ROBOTZ Japan, Japan FAN Store, Katana Japan, Japan shop, Vans9140, THe-Sasuke, MAVECOM

On eBay:

saucamarg-9, mythic_tech,dealsnap, thegreatdealz16, divrequiem fastship_hotdeal,Original_music_lover, Dk*connections, Evelynzyh0612, Bviktor818, Snigureonok, Quakerprof, Squint6, Madjie79, Handpickedbyhermes, Nnovations, Yh101890, Universe-deals, Lgm1003, Bigbargainonline, Buyitonline2005, Liquid-inertia, 37percentoff, Legitelectronics, Fanteller, Thesalespeople2014, Gumchumz, Thegoodworld, Supersonictech4u, Xchesser6, Sublimeware.estore, Hifiheaven-9, Royroy16, Richermorris, tbhbha1, thiel-lover


The only HIFIMAN Official Store on AliExpress is "Hifiman Official Store", and any seller like below other than our official store on AliExpress  is UNAUTHORIZED.

YI FAN 4.4, Grave Audio, QingBee, huo guang, LusyaTechnology, U&_XYZHOU, KaisayaHIFI audio, Queenway, HIENDCHINA, Hi-resPlay, XFJ21, GZZB, Sanreya Online Store, huo niu, Soundsmate YF , Audio-visual Equipment, electricxiaomi, KA SuperMall, WHIYO Official Store, haoda, HuaweiHonor-Franchise, first Fashion, Ihear Audio, Shunxin audio, QingBee, DORKIN Digital, Soundcolor Audio, Fu0012shop, ERILLES 3C SMART, BREEZE HIFI Audio, Global 3C Electronics Store, Beijing Audio, Gzbotolave, RYCFENZ HIFI, Mijia-Youpin Homes, factory Outlet 243, Yaoyaotiger HIFI Audio, Karry Amplifier Audio, HYXin Audio, Enjoy Sound, Endless Sound, LIYCH E-Store, HiFi Sound

Other Websites:

HiFiGo, Linsoul, myheadfi, RITZ CAMERA, Just Right, GRAB MORE, PRICEME, HIFI SLUCHADLA, TECH HOUSE, PATRO, HIFI HEADPHONES, SNAP DEAL, DH GATE,, Great Wall Digital, Coupang (Shanghai) Trading Co, Ltd.

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