Personal Audio Review! Hi-FiMAN HM-802
Personal Audio Review! Hi-FiMAN HM-802 High-Res Portable Player: "A Cut Above The Competition" Brevis... Price: starts at $699 Likes: high-end sonics, balanced output Dislikes: no included digital output cable Wow Factor: lots of buttons, lots of sound More info: Hi-FiMAN HM-802 by John Ga
The $500 HiFiMAN EF100
HiFiMAN-EF100 I’ve spent a good while now with a little desktop amplifier, a hybrid design that will drive both your most demanding cans and – when the switch is thrown – a pair of small desktop loudspeakers. I’ve taken longer than usual to compile my thoughts about the EF100
HiFiMan HE-400i Headphone Review
PRICE $499 AT A GLANCE Plus Very musical Great resolution Tank build quality Minus Needs more than an iPhone to drive good volume THE VERDICT The non-fatiguing sound of the HiFiMan HE-400i will have you falling in love with your music all over again. Every time I visit my buddy Lou and liste
HiFiMAN RE-300h Review with RE-400 comparisons and comments
Disclaimer: The following review is my subjective assessment of the headphone. I am in no way affiliated with HiFiMAN nor am I getting paid for this. The sound/build/comfort de-ions come from my subjective assessment of this product. If you have any other questions or if you want to point someth
Quite possibly the best-sounding headphones in the world
The Audiophiliac previews the ultimate Hifiman model, the HE1000. Last Sunday at the Trump SoHo New York hotel I heard a preview of a new pair of high-end headphones from Hifiman , the HE1000, and they were easily the best I've heard from that company. Hifiman founder and CEO Fang Bian wearing his H
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