HiFiMan HE-560 Review: A new benchmark
The HE-560 is a headphone for the headphone lover, billed as a lighter and more comfortable planar magnetic set – with great sound, of course. It is not a flawlessly polished retail product like the OPPO PM-1 I reviewed recently and does not share the rock-solid machined metal structure of the OPPO, but there is a raw, purposeful character to its design that I quite like.
I think everyone was, no wait correct that, still is extremely excited about Hifiman’s latest headphone ever since they announced it so many months ago. The Hifiman HE-500 is one of my all-time favorite headphones and so I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. But oh my, that didn’t
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HifiMan. By name they perhaps hope for the once ubiquity of Sony's Walkman. And HifiMan's actual chances of achieving a relative degree of ubiquity are a lot higher than they are for most hifi companies.
First Listen: HIFIMAN HE-560 Planar Magnetic Headphones
Several months ago I received, as did a handful of headphone-minded audio journalists, a review pair of HiFiMAN’s latest HE-560 headphones. But, less than 24 hours after the headphones arrived, I got a message from the manufacturer that it wanted the review samples back, pending some pre-rel
This Ultimate Portable Music Player Will Make Your Ears Jump for Joy
The HiFiMan HM-901 is a game changer: it's easily the best-sounding portable music player on the planet. I cover a wide range of high-end portable music players on this blog. I've favorably reviewed the $200 FiiO X3 and $350 FiiO X5 players, and a bunch of portable digital converters/headphone amp
About HiFiMAN
Founded by Dr. Fang Bian in 2007, HiFiMAN is widely regarded as one of the leading manufacturers of high performance headphones and portable audio products. HiFiMAN is especially known for its critically-acclaimed Planar-Magnetic headphones that feature state-of-the-art driver technology. The company also designs and manufactures best-in-class dynamic in-ear drivers which have also garnered awards and rave reviews. HiFiMAN also owns and operates Head-Direct, an online webstore featuring the finest headphones and portable audio players available today, including HiFiMAN products.