HiFiMAN RE-300h Review with RE-400 comparisons and comments
Disclaimer: The following review is my subjective assessment of the headphone. I am in no way affiliated with HiFiMAN nor am I getting paid for this. The sound/build/comfort de-ions come from my subjective assessment of this product. If you have any other questions or if you want to point someth
Quite possibly the best-sounding headphones in the world
The Audiophiliac previews the ultimate Hifiman model, the HE1000. Last Sunday at the Trump SoHo New York hotel I heard a preview of a new pair of high-end headphones from Hifiman , the HE1000, and they were easily the best I've heard from that company. Hifiman founder and CEO Fang Bian wearing his H
CES 2015 Show Highlight: HiFiMAN HE-1000 Planar Magnetic Headphones
It's no secret to InnerFidelity readers that I've had a hard time with HiFiMAN headphones—they tend to be too bright for me personally and I just can't get excited enough to review them. On the other hand, I thought the HE-500 was an excellent value and was strongly competitive at its price. Li
HiFiMAN HE-560 – Review
There are some serious players in the headphone industry and HiFiMAN is one of them. I’ve read a lot about their headphones and it bothered me that I didn’t know anybody in close vicinity to lend me a pair of HE-6 or HE-560, as up until recent events we did not have a local distributor i
The Unit The Hifiman HE-400i uses the exact same headband system as its big brother, the HE-560, does. In my HE-560 review from August I said: “The detachable pads, in combination with the extremely good suspended head band design and the light drivers, make the Hifiman HE-560 one of the light
About HiFiMAN
At the recent CES in Las Vegas Nevada, HIFIMAN previewed its upcoming HE1000 planar magnetic headphone and EF1000 Class A amplifier. These new products are radical departures to what the company has offered in its rich history and they were enthusiastically received by show attendees. Listeners were stunned by the HE1000's huge soundstage, lifelike detail and ultra transparency. Many proclaimed HE1000 to be one of the best headphones they have ever heard. Final pricing and availability have still not been set though they will certainly be priced as reference products. HIFIMAN engineers are making final improvements and going through additional testing.Stay tuned for additional updates.