What Do $3000 Headphones Sound Like? HiFiMAN Will Answer That with HE1000 Planar Magnetic Headphones
By now, you should know that stunning music reproduction doesn't exactly come cheap. HiFiMAN may test your limits on quality -- and what you're willing to spend on that quality -- with its latest product, the HE1000. The HE1000 is a new full-size planar magnetic headphone. It's a $3,000 full-size pla
A Survey of Digital Audio Players Part 1 HiFiMAN HM-802
HiFiMAN HM-802 Most headphone aficionados these days know HiFiMAN for their planar magnetic full size headphones. That seems to be the main focus now, along with a supporting cast of desktop amplifiers. But veterans in the headphone game probably still think of the firm as an IEM company, as that wa
For the China-based headphone specialists at HiFiMAN, the firm’s new HE‑400i and HE‑560 planar magnetic headphones represent great leaps forward (with apologies to the late Chairman Mao), each in its own way. I say this because both models show, in terms of build quality, sound qu
The HiFiMan HE-560 Planar Magnetic Headphone
The HiFiMan HE-560 Planar Magnetic Headphone Editors Note: This is a headphone that just didn't quite do it for me, but I also knew that it would be a dandy headphone for those whose tastes run more towards the brighter side than mine. Fortunately, ljokerl, InnerFidelity's IEM reviewer and editor
HIFIMAN HE1000 Impression
HE1000 Impression Yesterday, Fang Bian stopped by Head-Fi HQ to give us an early listen to a version of HiFiMAN’s upcoming flagship HE-1000 that's closer to production than the one they were showing at CES. When Fang told me they'd improved the HE-1000 since CES, I was a little concerned, as t
About HiFiMAN
The Show Newport is fast becoming one of the most important regional high-end audio shows in North America. At this show, HIFIMAN officially launched both the HE1000 flagship planar headphones and the HM901s high-res player. Both were enthusiastically welcomed and many attendees came back multiple times to have a listen. Also previewed was the exciting HE400S, a full-size planar magnetic headphone with 98dB sensitivity and all of HIFIMAN's latest design touches. At $299, HE400S will be the least expensive planar magnetic headphone on the market and everyone was wowed with its performance and value.